CCTV: On the uniform

CCTV cameras are to be fitted directly onto traffic wardens and police officers in Renfrewshire, Scotland. This first such use in Scotland.

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CCTV: Taxis

In Peterborough there are plans to force taxi drivers to put CCTV in their taxis, which has not proved popular.

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IR Used to Defeat CCTV – Follow up

Following on from the previous “IR Used to Defeat CCTV” article, below is another video showing, once again, how easy it is, for those with intent, to defeat surveillance systems.


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New Home for Where is My Data

This site has now been incorporated to the site Where is Your Data?

This blog will still remain here, but lectures, quizzes, tests, and news will be put on the parent site.

Laser Used Against CCTV

Lasers have been looked at defeating CCTV cameras with a vareity of different reports on the results. One of the main reported problems is that laser are too directional, and as such if not pointed directly at the CCTV lens do not work.

Hence people have used an arrary of IR LED lights to resolves the direction issues.

One post report the used of a laser used to defeat CCTV that was activated by a mobile phone, the idea being that laser is fastened into position prior to it being activated –  obvious that assumes that the laser and CCTV camera are both fixed and will not move.

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