Are innocent people ever convicted based on fingerprint evidence?

Are innocent people ever convicted on based on fingerprint evidence? Fingerprints are 100% accurate, aren’t t they? Yes and No.

Yes – innocent people are convicted of fingerprints.

In the UK there have been two cases, stemming from one crime, in where people were wrongly convicted based on fingerprint evidence. One for murder and one perjury.

No – fingerprints are not 100% accurate. Fingerprint evidence relies on human interpretation, and humans make errors.

It took years of appeals and assistance from multiple countries for the two people in the UK have their convictions over turned.  If its happened not once but twice, it shows it can happen, and the fact its so hard to appeal against fingerprint evidence indicates how compelling fingerprint evidence is.  It is statistically unlikely after over a hundreds of thousands of trials cases around the world that only two people have been wrongly convicted.

Fingerprints require human interpretation, humans make mistakes. Two errors in the world ever, for a subject which takes years of training to be an expert and has been around for a hundred years, just does not sound right. And its not.

Errors have been made by the FBI who claimed that Brandon Mayfields fingerprint was linked to the Madrid bombing, that stated that they were 100% correct and it was an “absolutely incontrovertible match”; but they were wrong. The Spanish police showed the FBI were wrong, the US DoJ criticized the FBI, and the FBI had to pay Brandon Mayfield $2 million in 2006.

There have been other cases around the world, and these are the ones were the innocent person has ability to gather a strong enough defense team to over come phenomenal power of finger print evidence, it stands to reason that there are many other people that have been wrongly convicted, but could not prove it.

The LAPD have also had internal issues with fingerprints and errors, who else has?

Can you defeat fingerprint scanners?

Can you defeat fingerprint scanners?  Yes!

With fingerprint scanners increasingly in use, from schools to offices, to passports and border controls. How good are these things? Do they really work?

Well, if the video videos are anything to go by, the answers are “not very” and “no”

Full video on defeating fingerprints

Another Video on defeating fingerprints

LAPD Fingerprint Errors

Sadly fingerprint errors, are not limited to the UK.

It has now been reported that the Los Angeles Police Department have made several major errors relating to their finger print examination.

Its know that innocent people have been arrested based on “shoddy work”, by the finger print analyst.  The exact number of arrest has not been released yet, but at two people where charged before the errors were found.

So far one fingerprint expert has been fired, and three suspended as a result of the errors.

Now the LAPD are trying to show that the mistakes are very limited, and perhaps the most obviously bad errors are limited, but what about the ones that harder to spot, that are just “human error” rather than incredibly bad police work?

With the LAPD and Scottish fingerprint analysts making such massive errors that innocent people were arrested and even sent to prison, is it conceivable that two fingerprint departments, with no relation to each other, and 12,000 miles apart, are the only two departments in the world with these issues? Or is it more likely that every department in between has had some error, but it has just not been detected?


How to defeat fingerprint scanners

With fingerprint scanners increasingly in use, from schools to offices, to passports and border controls. How good are these things?

Do they really work?

Well, if these videos are anything to go by, the answers are “not very” and “no”

How to defeat fingerprint readers (full video on creating false fingerprints)

Fingerprints For Council Workers | Where is My Data?

Westminster County Council has requested that staff provide fingerprints, for the purposes of tracking their staff ‘clocking on and off’.

The use of fingerprints by the council can be seen as a modern solution of the age old problem of monitoring staff arriving and leaving work.

With the traditional punch cards anyone could have logged in and out, the same could be said with passwords or identity tokens, which can be passed between people. Fingerprints are unique and cannot (allegedly) be transferred between people.
While the government and councillor alike insist there is nothing wrong with fingerprinting staff, they also stated that DNA would only be taken from the guilty, that ANPR would be targeted at terrorists, and that surveillance powers would only be used against criminals, and that our data would be secure. It should also be noted that the fingerprint reading technology can be defeated

Full Article on the new site –

Fingerprints For Council Workers | Where is My Data?.


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