More companies profit from ANPR

While the hardware industry of CCTV recording, and the software industry of reading the images collected by CCTV, have been working with the goverment for a long time on ANPR, new group of software companies are now working in the industry.

i2, a company that produces software for building patterns and making connections between people, through phone numbers, credit card recods, email addresses, etc, has now produced software to work with ANPR.

This software will link in with i2’s other database products allowing police and businesses a like to keep track of the criminal, citizens and employees far more effectively. It would be interesting to know if i2 was provided with a substantial amount of data from goverment ANPR cameras in order to build and test the latest database software.

“i2 is unlocking the full potential of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) data gathered by cameras across the country.

ANPR data led to more than 20,000 vehicle seizures and 18,000 arrests in 2006 and has firmly established itself as a valuable tool to the UK’s police forces. However, the significance of the gathered information could be far greater.”

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  1. what is i2 Says:

    […] a long time on ANPR, new software companies are now working in the industry. i2 a company that prod in growth CPILive.neti2 has grown into arguably the largest mobile phone retailer in the […]

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