RIPA Section 12 – Obligation to store data

Section 12 of RIPA states that the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are “obliged to maintain interception capability”.

If the CSPs think the request is unreasonable (made under RIPA Section 12) then they can appeal to the Technical Advice Board (TAB) – which are described under Section 13 of RIPA.


2 Responses to “RIPA Section 12 – Obligation to store data”

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    […] Act, which covers a variety of aspects including encryption and interception of communications. Section 12 of RIPA makes it an obligation of CSP (Communication Service Providers) to maintain an ability to […]

  2. Data Retention: Email, Email Monitoring and ISPs « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] ISPs are required under RIPA to provide the ability to maintain interception capability. This means that the government, when required, can monitor any person’s internet […]

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