DNA Exchange across EU

Following the “Prüm Convention” in 2005 countires within EU are easily able search DNA and fingerprint records in different countries. As the UK database consists of many innocent people, due to the collection and retention procedures, and it is also used for search for potential relatives who may be suspects “familiar” searches (upto 1.5 week), the ramifications for this are huge.

The net result is that countries who sign up to the Prum Convention, will be able to search the UK DNA database, looking for family members of innocent people, i.e a very large population of the UK, and then possibly seek an arrest and extradition. With extradition getting easier within the EU this is more likely. For those people who trust the UK goverement implicity, do they trust other governments equally implicitly? Would they be happy for Italian police, who are often linked to the Mafia, to search for their blood relatives? Or what about Turkey, while Turkey is not yet in the EU, let alone the Prum Convention, Turkies ascension to the EU is almost inevitable and the process has been started. With that in mind would you be happy for your family to be searched for by Turkish authorities, who have had a penchant for torture in the very recent past, simply because one of your blood relatives was arrested, possibly wrongfully?

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