BEWARE – Behaviour based Enhancement of Wide-Area Situational Awareness in a Distributed Network of CCTV Cameras

The BEWARE project is funded by both the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the MoD. The project is being ran at the Queen Mary, University of London, School of computing

The aim of the project, and the clue is in the name, is to collate all the data from all of the CCTV systems and “develop automated systems to monitor behaviors of people cooperatively across a distributed network of cameras and making on-the-fly decisions for more effective content selection in data capturing

In short, it is aimed at profiling people via CCTV.

The information below was written by the scientist, (pictured inset) Tao XIANG, as such it used highly accurate, but unpleasant phrases. Terms that a politican would never use. For example is refers to “tagging people”

  1. Developing a model for robust detection and tagging of people over wide areas of different physical sites captured by a distributed network of cameras, e.g. monitoring the activities of a person travelling through a city/cities.
  2. Developing a model for global situational awareness enhancement via correlating behaviors across a network of cameras located at different physical sites, and for real-time detection of abnormal behaviors in public space across camera views; The model must be able to cope with changes in visual context and on definitions of abnormality, e.g. what is abnormal needs be modeled by the time of the day, locations, and scene context.
  3. Developing a model for automatic selection and controlling of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and embedded smart cameras (including wireless ones) in a surveillance network to zoom into people based on behaviour analysis using a global situational awareness model therefore achieving active sampling of higher quality visual evidence on the fly in a global context, e.g. when a car enters a restricted zone which has also been spotted stopping unusually elsewhere, the optimally situated PTZ and embedded smart camera is to be activated to perform adaptive image content selection and capturing of higher resolution imagery of, e.g. the face of the driver


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