Facial Recognition in Retail

Supporters and detractors of facial recognition systems that are nationally deployed generally fall into two categories: Those who think is it unacceptable in a democracy as it has the potential to track people anywhere in the country there is a CCTV camera (which is everywhere in the UK), and those who think it could be useful for national security.

However another group has emerged, those who think it should be used everyday in all walks of life. t

Budgens (see previous posting on the issue) now has facial recognition systems in its store. With companies that sell this equipment pushing it into the market it is likely that other stores will soon have more of this technology

Aurora , a facial recognition company, markets at exactly that sector


For those who don’t think this technology will work for a while, here is a video put out by OrganixIT another facial recognition company

Staff Entering Office

Is this technology that we want in our streets, shops and work places? Tracking and logging every movement of every person into every building?


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    […] Budgens and Face recognition Posted on May 19, 2008 by Rob In the latest battle against terrorism and underage drinking Budgens has now introduced face recognition. […]

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