Gunwharf Quays – Tracks Customers

In the continual monitoring and tracking of people, from CCTV and ANPR to DNA Databases and Electronic Number Plates the retail industry are getting in on the act.

Budgens are already using facial recognition systems on their customers, and now shopping centers in the UK are using a new form of mobile phone technology to track customers down to the meter. This technology is used monitor customers as they move around the shopping center, in and out of shops, etc. This allows for a highly detailed market research/spying on customers.

Currently there are three shopping Malls in the UK that use the technology. Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, is one of them.

The technology in GunWharf is currently being provided by Path Intelligence whose website states “Path Intelligence provides FootPath™, the only automated measurement technology that can continuously monitor the path that your shoppers or passengers take”

The technology works by tracking the TMSI of the mobile phone as it broadcasts periodically from the phone

Articles – Times and The Register


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