Police with handheld Fingerprint Scanners

Police in the UK are rolling our more and more hand held computers with ability to read fingerprints on the spot.

This technology will allow police to fingerprint members of the public on the street, effectively at random.

The Police Minister Tony McNulty has published a plan to provide 100,000 handheld computers at the cost of £50 million. Uses for the computers will include confirming identity, on-the-spot forms such as stop and search, and scanning fingerprints.

Tony McNulty Police Minister

Tony (pictured inset) voted strongly for ID cards, for the Iraq war, and against an investigation into the Iraq war. He also voted against a transparent parliament.

The technology known as LANTERN is described as:

Lantern is a mobile hand-held fingerprint device which enables police officers to check a person’s identity in an operational environment without having to return the police station. The device works by electronically scanning the subject’s index fingers and sending them wirelessly to national fingerprint database (IDENT1) to be searched. A response is then returned to the officer within two minutes. The result will either confirm that there is no match, (the person is not on IDENT1) or it will return the name and details of the person listed, including crime reference number, date of birth and gender, as well as the level of confidence in the result(high, medium or low).


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