Burnley Council uses RIPA

Burnely Council has joined many of the other councils and has been using RIPA powers for the investigation of a variety of offences, including dog fouling.

RIPA which was bought in at the beginning of the decade, was designed to help combat terrorsim. Burnely council were very supportive of the legislation relating to terrorism and stated:

“Burnley Borough Council welcomes this opportunity and fully supports effective moves to
strengthen legislation and policing approaches to counter the threat of terrorism. We
feel that there is an important, separate, complementary role for local councils in cooperating
with the Police and the community on action to prevent violent extremism
through a range of activities and community leadership. The Council is committed to
seeking ways to improve this through its work as a Preventing Violent Extremism
Pathfinder authority.”

Their response to the terrorism laws can be seen in full here, the letter they wrote to the home office is available here – burnley-council.

Was the council keen for anti -terror powers to stop crime, or to get more information about their resident?

Nick Aves, Burnley Council’s resources director, said it was “quite rare” for the powers to be used in this way

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