Data sharing of DNA and Fingerprints within EU continues

The UK goverment is pushing forward with plans to share data, with the EU, under what is known as the Prum Convention.

The plans include sharing DNA, Fingerprints, and Vehicle data. Hansard, which reports on the goverment debates and speeches refers to it as “Genetics: Database”.

On 22nd April 2008 David Davies, the shadow home secretary, asked for an update from Jacqui Smith (the Home Secretary) on the state of this process.

Jacqui Smith stated:

The EU Council Decision on the stepping up of cross-border co-operation (also know as the Pr�1/4m Council Decision) provides improved arrangements for the sharing of fingerprint, DNA and vehicle registration data by law enforcement authorities. For example, where a DNA sample retrieved from a crime scene is searched against a national database and no match is found, the Council Decision permits for that data to be transmitted and searched through member states’ national databases. A notification is sent to the requesting member state notifying of a hit or no hit i.e. matching profile. If a match is identified, further requests for information are processed through existing secure police channels allowing for appropriate data protection safeguards.

The UK expects to begin sharing data in this way within three years of adoption and publication of the legal text

The original Hansard Article can be found here

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