Communications Data – RIPA

Communications Data is defined by RIPA as any of the following:
(i) any traffic data comprised in or attached to a communication (whether by the sender or otherwise) for the purposes of any postal service or telecommunication system by means of which it is being or may be transmitted;
(ii) any information which includes none of the contents of a communication [apart
from any information falling within paragraph (i)] and is about the use made by any
(1) of any telecommunications service; or
(2) in connection with the provision to or use by any person of any
telecommunications service, of any part of a telecommunication system;

(iii) any information not falling within paragraph (i) or (ii) that is held or obtained, in
relation to persons to whom he provides the service, by a person providing a
telecommunications service.


One Response to “Communications Data – RIPA”

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