ECHR (2003) UK had several cases relating to privacy

In summary of cases heard at the European Court of Human Rights in 2003 the court found that

“Privacy in a more traditional sense was at issue in several cases concerning the United Kingdom, certain of which raised the absence at the relevant time of a legal basis for the use of covert listening devices, which had led to the finding of a violation of Article 8 in Khan v. the United Kingdom112. Of rather greater interest were two cases which introduced more novel issues arising out of different forms of surveillance.”

Both of those cases relate to CCTV.

One case related to CCTV useage in a public place. The CCTV operator had spotted the applicant with a knife and had alerted the police. The applicant had attempted suicide with the knife and the police gave medical assistance to the applicant.

Following this incident footage of the incident was subsequently disclosed to the public and to the media, without the applicant’s face being properly masked (blurred).  Because of this the applicant was identified by a number of people who knew him.

The Court considered that this disclosure could not be regarded as justified and concluded that there had been a violation of Article 8 (Right to Privacy). It was emphasised that it was not the monitoring of the people in a public place that was was at fault, and this did not infringe on the right to privacy, but rather the subsequent action and use “of recorded data”.

Full document is available here – 2003 ECHR Analysis of Case Law


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  1. Chris Byrns Says:

    Ouch, there are always soo many laws involved with this equipment my company has had many problems before like this.

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