Prum Convention – Netherlands

The Dutch ,who are also signatories of the Prum convention , view the Convention (or Treaty) as method of controlling immigration. The Dutch Government clearly stated that exchange protocols will be not just be for exchanging DNA, fingerprints, and vehicle records, but also monitoring and controlliing illegal migration (and therefore presumably legal migration).

As the convention also allows for Air Marshals, presumably this will be a multinational approach and as such countries will police other countries aircraft. Does this mean exchange of passenger information within the EU, will be more comprehensive? What other details will be exchanged between EU countries?

The Dutch Press release from 2006 is below:

The other parties to the Convention are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Spain. The Convention is intended to get the parties working together and exchanging more information, for instance by allowing each other access to DNA databanks and vehicle registration records.

The parties will also have to pool information about illegal migration, for instance in relation to repatriation measures. And the Convention provides for the deployment of air marshals.

Dutch Press Release


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