Errors on UK Database

The UK  DNA database which holds over 4.5 million records, of innocent, and guilty, adults and children, has been found to contain numerous errors.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request it was discovered that there were numerous errors on the system:

It was found that

  • Between January and November 2007 1,450 demographic discrepancies were discovered. These included spelling errors, date taken amendments, force code amendments, an crime codes.
  • In August 2007 the UK government admitted that there was over 550,000 records with the wrongly recorded or incorrectly spelt names
  • In May 2007 the government stated that over a 10 year period (1995 to 2005) that 26,200 DNA records were not loaded, which result in 183 undetected crimes.
  • The DNA Database Unit had also admitted in a report in May 2007 that between 1995 and 2005 it failed to load 26 200 records to the DNA database because of errors, which resulted in 183 undetected crimes.

John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley  stated: “It is important that people recognise Government databases are not necessarily 100 per cent accurate (…) It is quite clear you can’t trust the Government with your personal information. They need to massively tighten up the way they deal with these issues.” . John Heming previously voted against ID cards the Labour’s anti-terror law, and for an investigation into Iraq.

Innocents fear DNA database errors (26.11.2007)
Outrage at 500,000 DNA database mistakes (27.08.2007)

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4 Responses to “Errors on UK Database”

  1. Prüm Convention « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] people’s privacy in this country.” This is compounded by the fact that there are numerous errors with the DNA database, including 550,000 miss spelt […]

  2. DNA Error or DNA Success? « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] again, in fact DNA errors are more common than people may think. In addition to this there can be errors in the DNA databases itself, and errors can be made during the […]

  3. Sandra Olson Says:

    I am such a victim of this fraud upon mankind. MY child and I have been called liars and I a slut for claiming her father,****** is actually her father. The dna test, done in 1994 on 3 loci and with no chain of custody, and also, interestingly, the lab claims to have done the whole test in one day. They don’t have a turnaround time like that even today. The lab was out of Vancouver General Hospital. They have closed the lab. He is asian, I am not, she looks just like him, the lab says looks don’t count. No one listens to this, but, just think, if they had to take responsibility and the “junk science” that dna is could once again take the blow, would they tell the truth?? Apparently not, they would rather let my child lose everything. People in this industry are gutless fraudsters. Can you trust them to tell the truth, with not standardization, no regulatory body to ensure compliance, and no studies to verify the accuracy rate they claim, not on your life. Once again, self interest comes first. The courts won’t encourage asking questions of these people or compelling them to release documents, because it is much easier to just ask the public to suck it up, rather then say, the word of god they worship, may have problems. Hiding, and more hiding. I even had one lawyer, *******, turn to me in front of a supreme court judge, and say ‘I bet she doesn’t even know who the father is”. Justice Anne dillon just sat there and said nothing. That is how it goes currently in BC Canada. A judicial shame!!

  4. sandra Olson Says:

    through the freedom of information office in alberta canada, I have just managed to shake a document free from Alberta childrens hospital. They claim to have done a paternity test that “proved” that Ron Carey was my childs father. They also claim to have no consent forms. The document they released was a consent form from Vancouver General Hospital. On testing performed on the man I said is her father, Rick Wong. I asked Mr Steven Jewell of Calgary Childrens, how do you happen to have this consent form a different lab, a different man, and two years earlier the you were retained. He refuses to answer. I sent the same sort of questions off to Mr Kopetsky of VGH. He refuses to answer and has threatened me with legal action if I send him any more requests for information. Since this industry is not regulated, and they are protected by a corrupt court system, they are counting on just getting away with this. Think I am the only one??? I am one of many in this situation.

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