Italy has reserveations about Prum Convention

The Italian government has reservations about the Prum Convention/Treaty for several reasons; their primary concern is the exchange of DNA within the EU.

In response to questions put to the interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu by Giuliano Amato Senator, and former Prime Minister, as to why Italy had not joined the Prum Convention he stated,that he had several concerns about the exchange of data within the EU, mainly related to DNA. (The response was dated 17th January 2006)

Giuseppe Pisanu went on to say that Italy does not yet have a law to regulate the DNA database, . He also noted that exchanges of personal data should be carried out in accordance with two international agreements that Italy has not ratified yet. At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility of Italy joining the initiative, as the Convention is still awaiting ratification by “almost all” its signatories.

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