RFID used for Tracking

More and more companies are working on technology that is designed to use RFID chips for tracking people and vehicles, sometimes referred to as “assets”.

The UK Government, along with DVLA and IBM are looking to use “Electronic Number Plates” to track cars around the UK, and possibly the EU

Below are an example of some of the companies developing this technology and their statements from their websites:

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is the global leader in wireless tracking and tracing solutions. The Intelligent Long Range® (ILR®) active RFID System can identify, locate, track and communicate with assets at a distance of up to 500 meters to deliver superior business process visibility in dynamic, demanding environments. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ technology and products are utilized to help track people and valuable assets in a completely reliable and secure manner.

e-Plate is the leader in Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) using active RFID tagging. Why this technology? Because governments across the world are looking to tagging to optimise the use of road space, reduce non-compliance, combat vehicle crime and fight terrorism.

Active technology, uniquely, does the job. To be precise, the 99.98% accurate, secure identification of:

• any vehicle or vehicles (car, bus, truck, trailer, motorcycle)
• individually or in dense traffic
• travelling at any speed or stationary
• in either direction
• in any weather conditions;
. . . when it comes within a distance of up to 100 metres of an e-Plate reader.

EVI Management Group is a privately owned and federally incorporated company operating in Vancouver, British Columbia since 2005 and is the exclusive agency for e-Plate in Canada.

The company seeks to advance the use of electronic vehicle identification in Canada and around the world. We have been privileged to speak to a number of groups including:

* Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators
* Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
* Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police
* Bureau of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Freight Security

Electronic Vehicle Identification

EVI defines the ability to electronically identify vehicles, either in the specific or the aggregate, at a time and place, using technology.

None of these companies mention any of the issues of privacy on their websites.


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