Phone Records Searched

Phone Records Searched

Liverpool’s Liberal Democrat Council obtained and searched the the phone logs of the Labour Councillor Joe Anderson, the leader of the opposition.

This investigation was, on the face of it, to investigate leak within the council. However this investigation would have given complete access who the councillor called, when, and how often. With tools like I2, this is relatively easily to build profile of his call, and link that into any other data he has. The case is being referred to the ICO office, and this could well be an invasion of privacy. However, it is unclear at this stage if the phone belonged to the council or it was Joe Anderson’s personal phone. If it was the former, access to the logs would have been relatively simple, i.e via the bill which they pay. If it was the latter then access to the information would be highly suspect. A spokesman for the Liberal Democrat, who ran the investigation and control the local council said: “Following the unauthorized leaking of a highly confidential and commercially sensitive report, a number of officers and members were asked to cooperate with an internal investigation into the breach, which involved emails being checked. However, we omitted to notify the individuals concerned that it also included mobile phone records.” A spokeswoman for the ICO said: “We have been contacted by both parties (Councilor Anderson and Liverpool City Council) and we will be looking into the complaint and deciding on the next step.”

Article – BBC


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