CCTV used to record couple having sex

In 2005  NCP CCTV operators were accused of using their CCTV cameras to spy on couples having sex, and then copying the recordings onto DVD.

National Car Parks said three people were initially suspended from their Brighton control room but two were now back at work.

Council CCTV operators also used CCTV cameras for voyeuristic purposes in 2005

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4 Responses to “CCTV used to record couple having sex”

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  2. Steve Maitland Says:

    Hi There

    I am a CCTV engineer, back in 2008 I witnessed a couple having sex in a council carpark,at the time I was servicing the CCTV equipment, after watching the situation with a council security officer, the couple got out the car and went there ways,the gent went over to the town shops the female went into the police station were she worked,all this info was captured on hard disk, I dont know what came of it ,but I think the police officer got her ass kicked,along with every thing else the day

  3. Steve Maitland Says:

    I thought, there may be some more stories today neverming

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