Examples of Data Misuse

Below is a small sample of the discovered and reported cases of data misuse within the government


5 Responses to “Examples of Data Misuse”

  1. Data Protection Act - 12 month Sentance « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] incident, a long with other cases of data misuse, from lost documents, rogue CCTV operators, and lost records, all of which show that the government […]

  2. UAV - from War Zone to Your Home « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] probability of the police misusing data, with devices like this is surely tiny? Just because the people have access to CCTV cameras that […]

  3. Data Retention: Email, Email Monitoring and ISPs « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] a. Yes, lots and regularly. In fact most databases appear to have been misused at sometime or another. Examples of data misuse are here. […]

  4. DNA: Does the DNA database work? « Data – Where is it? Says:

    […] only the guilty to anyone arrested, including the innocent.  The government loses and misuses data over and over again, it is highly likely that the DNA samples would be used for medical […]

  5. Data Misuse: Police « Data – Where is it? Says:

    […] is by no means the first time the police have accessed data in this way, and they have done this on numerous other occasions, nor will it be the last […]

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