No Hats Please: CCTV

According to an article in the Telegraph South Yorkshire police have been encouraging landlords to make their customers take their hats off when they enter pubs.

As Police can effectively prevent a license being renewed at a pub, no doubt the encouragement is being taken very seriously.

A South Yorkshire spokesman stated that “There have been incidents both in pubs and other establishments when it has not been possible to identify offenders captured on CCTV because hats were hiding their faces.”

Perhaps dark glasses should also be banned, or curtains at home? Those net curtains must really hinder the CCTV operators viewing pleasure.

With an increasing number of cases of data misuse, who would blame somebody for wearing a hat in public.

But, as its Yorkshire, the home of the flat cap, there may be some resistance.

Dickie Bird, 75, a test umpire, famed for wearing a flat white cap said: “Asking a Yorkshireman to take off his flat cap – whoever heard of anything so silly.

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