Data Loss: 3 million records (2007)

In December 2007 the UK Goverment lost another 3 million records, this time of people taking driving test.

The BBC reported “Names, addresses and phone numbers – but no financial information – were among details on a computer hard drive which went missing in the US in May.”

While this article combined with the HMRC Loss, which was slated by numerous reports, shows the UK Government can not keep hold of data, what is more important is the fact that UK data was shipped to a US company. While the UK may hope the US company has the best intentions, the reality is that data in position of a US company can be requested under the US PATRIOT Act, and the company handing over the data is not allowed to talk about it. As happened with numerous airlines.

As it is widely known that the US Goverment are buying up/obtaining huge databases, from censuses to criminal records, in order to profile people and populations around the world, why would the UK government allow all this data to go to the US?


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