Terrorsim: Arrest Statistics

Fact & figures

The UK police terrorism arrest statistics (excluding Northern Ireland) from 11 September 2001 – 31 March 2007 show 1228 arrests were made. Out of these just over 3% resulted in conviction for terrorism, though there are another 114 are still awaiting trial.

  • 1165 arrests under the Terrorism Act 2000
  • 63 arrests under legislation other than the Terrorism Act, where the investigation was conducted as a terrorist investigation

Of the total 1228 arrested:

  • 132 charged with terrorism legislation offences only
  • 109 charged with terrorism legislation offences and other criminal offences
  • 195 charged under other legislation including murder, grievous bodily harm, firearms, explosives offences, fraud, false documents
  • 76 handed over to immigration authorities
  • 15 on police bail awaiting charging decisions
  • 1 warrant issued for arrest
  • 12 cautioned
  • 1 dealt with under youth offending procedures
  • 11 dealt with under mental health legislation
  • 4 transferred to Police Service of Northern Ireland custody
  • 2 remanded in custody awaiting extradition proceedings
  • 669 released without charge
  • 1 awaiting further investigation

Of those charged:

  • 41 Terrorism Act convictions to date
  • 183 convicted under other legislation: murder and explosives offences (including conspiracies), grievous bodily harm, firearms offences, fraud, false documents offences, etc (this includes the 12 cautions detailed above)
  • 114 at or awaiting trial

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