ISP Data Retention (US)

A survey by Wired Magazine was conducted in 2007 to find out about the privacy policies of the top ISPs. Out of the 8 largest ISPs asked the 10 question survey in the US only 4 responded: AOL, AT&T, Cox and Qwest. Comcast, EarthLink, Verizon and Time Warner didn’t respond to the survey at all.

IP Retention

Cox’s IP Log retention times is: six months.

AOL IP log retention time is: “limited period of time,”

AT&T IP log retention time si  “within industry standards.”

URL Retention

The question of “how long are the URLs” retained was asked of the companies. The URLs contain a lot of detail about an individuals habits: What they read, buy, and like how often, and how much.  w

AOL, AT&T and Cox all statd that they do not the URLs at all. Qwest avoided the question.

ISPs Opinion on Data Retention

Qwest said that the market should decide how long data is kept

Cox stated it was “studying the issue” of data retention

AOL stated it isis working with the industry and Congress.

A&T stated it is  “ready to work with all parties.”

In the UK the data retention laws of ISPs are currently governed by the Retention of communications data under part 11: Anti-Terrorism, Crime & Security Act 2001


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