NHS: Data Loss

On June 18th 2008 the NHS lost more data, this time 21,000 patient detail including  patient names, postcodes and treatment plans, after a laptop was stolen from a car of an senior hospital manager. The car was parked at Colchester University Hospital manager which had been parked in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The NHS lost millions of records at the end of last year, and Medicare lost thousands of records only recently, and in the US two million medical records were lost for patient.

On June 30th the senior manager was suspended.

Mr Murphy, the CEO of the Colchester trust stated: The trust acknowledged patient data should not be stored unencrypted on a laptop and he had previously written to staff with such computers reminding them of this.

Why on earth is this being left to the users? Why is this encryption not put on every laptop as standard? What is the figure that will cause the government to take action?

Does it need to be all bank details, of the entire country, or something else? What would spur the government on to take action to prevent data loss on all of their computers?


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