CRB – Error?

In 2005 John Pinnington was fired from his job based on a CRB check that showed he was “unsuitable to work with children.The reason for this is that in 2001 an unsubstantiated claim of abuse by a child had been made. No charges were made, and the police dropped the case, despite this CRB marked him as “unsuitable”.

John Pinnington, a father of two children, from Benson, Oxon, claims that the police were wrong to disclose the allegation to his new employer. He is now awaiting the outcome of a judicial review.

The dispute has become a major test case. His lawyers say that if he loses, thousands of carers will be prevented from working with children and vulnerable adults.

Mr Pinnington was fired from his post as deputy principal of Thomley Hall, a college for autistic children in Oxfordshire, when his employers requested an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check after he took the job in 2005.

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In 2007 680 Errors were reported and in 2005 193 errors were reported


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    […] can be anything from an false allegation to “intelligence”. For example, in 2005 a John Pinnington was fired from his job due to an unsubstantiated allegation made in […]

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