Data Not Lost: Medical Data

In a shocking change to the government standard practice of losing information faster than the collapse of the UK housing market, we are happy to report that data has actually not been lost by a government department, due to the cunning use of encryption.

Who is the elite government agency involved in the use of encryption to protect data? The MoD, Department of Justice, the police? No, is the Scottish Ambulance Service:

A portable data disk containing records of 894,629 calls made to the Paisley emergency medical dispatch centre was lost by a courier.The disk included the names of some patients, addresses of incidents and phone numbers received in calls to the centre near Glasgow, since February 2006.


The data was being transferred by a secure tracker courier (TNT) – rather than being left on a train – and was on an encrypted hard drive. Data has to be moved, what more can you ask for?

The politicians jumped on the bandwagon, and rather than praising the service,  moaned:

Labour’s health spokeswoman Margaret Curran said the loss of such personal details would be “deeply worrying” for many Scots.

Conservative MSP David McLetchie said the announcement of the missing disk raised more questions than answers.


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