US Fails to encrypt data, as well

Its well known that the UK government has lost a lot of data over past few years, mainly due to it failing to encrypt data.


  • The NHS loses 21,000 records on an unencrypted laptop
  • MoJ lose 4 CDs containing lost criminal case information, the CDs were unencrypted.
  • Government lose MPs laptop, the laptop was unencrypted
  • NHS lose millions of records, the data was lost on unencrypted media
  • HMRC lose 25 million records, on unencrypted media

From a recent audit of US Government IT security, it appears that they have the same issue and encrypt onlly 30% of the condifential material they should do.Only 30 percent of sensitive information stored on U.S. government laptops and mobile devices, including the personal information of U.S. residents, was encrypted a year ago, despite a series of data breaches at government agencies in recent years, according to an auditor’s report.

The report, by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, found that 70 percent of sensitive information held on laptops and mobile devices at 24 major U.S. agencies was unencrypted as of last September. The GAO report defined several types of data as sensitive, including personal medical records, other personal information, law enforcement data and records essential for homeland security.

Full Article


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