UK DNA Sold to companies

Following a series of freedom of information requests, by the Liberal Party, it has been discovered that sample/information from the UK DNA database have been sold onto other companies.

The National Police Improvement Agency whose role include overseeing delivery of the National DNA Database Service has admitted this stating “After approval by the National DNA Database Strategy Board, [the samples] were made available for authorized research purposes demonstrating clear potential operational benefit to the police in terms of detecting and solving crime. These profiles are completely anonymous and are not identifiable in any way”

Jennifer Wilmot (pictured), the Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, and Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Work & Pensions said: “The 25 projects that have been approved by ministers include some sinister explorations into ethnic profiling. It is appalling that these Big Brother practices have been allowed to go on unchecked for so long and with extremely limited ethical standards.”

Obviously the samples were identifiable in some way – else they could not be used to research, e.g identifying sex, race, etc

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