Mistaken Identity: Khaled el Masri

In late 2003 Khaled el Masri, a German citizen, left Ulm, Germany, for holiday in Skopje, in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

On 31 December 2003, he was stopped at the border between Serbia and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

According to Khaled el Masri he was then detained the CIA in a hotel for 3 weeks, then on 23rd January 2004 he was transferred to Afghanistan on a CIA Boeing 737

Khaled el Masri states that he was then detained in solitary confinement for another 4 months In Afghanistan. He was later released with out charge.

Initially the case was denied by the German government (in November 2005). However, later evidence was provided that showed that he was detained and taken to Afghanistan.

This information included:

  • Passports stamps
  • Isotopes in Khaled el Masri hair that showed he had been in Afghanistan at the time in question

Then in December 2005 the US admitted the incident to the German Chancellor.



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