Terrorist Incidents: Statistics

A report into the economic impact of terrorism incidents, published in2006 by the Milken Institute found that there was no a strong link between terrorist acts, in general, and a long term effect on terrorism.

However, and perhaps more relevant to this site, it reported that:

During the past 35 years, the world has witnessed nearly 20,000 terrorist incidents…..These incidents have resulted in more than 90,000 casualties worldwide” The report pulled on data the MIPT – Memorial Institute for Prevention of Terrorism

With a sudden increase in data collection, new laws, and new powers from DNA to fingerprints, to CCTV and extradition, following one terrorism incident, it is useful to put this in perspective. How one terrorist incident changed the concept of human rights for the rest of the world, where as the other 88,000 deaths, and 19,999 incidents didn’t


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