Tapes: DLT

DLT  – stands for Digil Linear Tape. Its a format of back up tapes that was invented by DEC, though later taken over by Quantum. The DLT format has now been superceed by the S-DLT – or Super DLT.

Below is a Table of tape sizes – from Wiki

Name Formats (GB) Color Supported by (ro=read only)
CompacTape I 0.1 Gray TK50/70
CompacTape II 0.3 Gray TK70
DLTtape III 2.6, 6, 10 Light brown DLT260/600, DLT2000/2000XT/4000/7000
DLTtape IIIXT 15 White DLT2000XT/4000/7000/8000
DLTtape IV 20, 35, 40 Dark brown DLT4000/7000/8000, SDLT220/320 (ro)
Cleaning Tape III 20 cleans Beige DLT2000/2000XT/4000/7000/8000
SDLTtape I 110, 160 Dark green SDLT220/320, SDLT600 (ro), DLT-S4 (ro)
SDLTtape II 300 Dark blue SDLT600, DLT-S4 (ro)
DLTtape S4 800 Dark purple DLT-S4
SDLT Cleaning Tape 20 cleans Light gray SDLT220/320/600, DLT-S4
DLTtape VS1 80, 160 Ivory/Black VS160, DLT-V4, SDLT600 (ro)
DLT VS Cleaning Tape 20 cleans Brown DLT1, DLT-VS80
DLT VS160 Cleaning Tape 20 cleans Light gray DLT-VS160, DLT-V4
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