Data Loss: HMRC -its getting worse

According to government statistics the data losses by HM Revenue & Customs are increasing not decreasing

In total there have been 1,993 reported data breaches by the HMRC since October 2007, that’s an average of 10 a day (so far). This is an increase from 8 a day last year.

For the sake of clarity, as its such a huge figure: 

That is ten (10) data breaches a day.

As there are currently there are around 10,000 staff in the HMRC, we can draw some pretty startling conclusions.

In fact this information combined, with some wild estimates and a bit of basic maths ,we can draw one of two conclusions.

  1. The first option is that a small number of people are losing a lot of data every day (e.g 10 people are losing data every day), in which case they are on the Mr Bean scale of incompetence. If this is the case why are they still employed, why do systems allow for this loss?
  2. The second, and more likely, option is that lots of people are losing some data. Assuming that during a year the same person does not lose data more than once (which is the very least one could hope for), this means that 3650 people have lost data within the HMRC within a year (10 pieces of data a day, 365 days a year – 3650 pieces of data). Or to put it another way, 36.5% of the HMRC staff lose data within a year, that is a staggering figure.

Given the two choices it would probably better to have a single Mr Bean type character that loses everything, rather than a over a third of the HRMC losing data



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