Photography – Is it a crime?

When did public photography become a crime?

There are an increasing number of reports of photographers getting arrested for doing their job/hobby. Many of these arrests appear absurd, if not illegal.

Previously there has been the creation of the ACPO Guidelines for Media/Press, and more recently there has been meetings with “some” press and the Met Police, though most of the main bodies representing photographers were not there.

In addition to the commentary in the trade magazines, there has been commentary in more mainstream publications, e.g TelegraphBBC.

Despite this, there does not appear to any national outcry or urge for change.

Below are examples of photographers taking pictures and getting arrested. Though some of these people appear to be completely innocent, others have pushed the boundaries of decency too far – e.g a photographer taking his 16 year old daughter to watch a suicide attempt.

The phrase “You can not have rights without responsibilities” applies here

Why are photographers not willing to have a “gentlemens” agreement with the police to hide the faces of anti-terrorist police officers, surely this is not unreasonable?

Equally why are the police allowed to threaten and arrest innocent people, without censure?


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