Internet Terrorist Arrested

On the 7th anniversary of 9/11 Saudi police arrested “Internet jihads” – those responsible for setting up web sites and forums  to recruit people to  join the fights in Afghanistan and Iraq

One of the techniques these hardened terrorists were using was to have multiple accounts on the web site and forum, and would create a conversation with themselves to encourage a belief in particular subjects.

These fearsome fighters would even log out of the forums and then log back in again – almost straight away – under a  different name, and then leave messages supporting the previous statements they made under different account names. Shocking and evil!

I am sure that no civilized and organized marketing company would ever leave multiple messages on a forum reviewing there clients products, or promote a film or song. Those crazy Internet activists need to be stopped, and straight away.

As the individuals were arrested in Saudi Arabia the is a high likely hood of torture and possibly execution.

Interestingly the BBC did no expand on the reasons for the arrest, only that the bad guys were arrested

The comments for this article should probably be closed, in case its argued that the author posted them.


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