And so it begins… | Where is My Data?

The government, after years of pressure from the tabloids, namely the News of the World, has finally given in. The UK is now trailing “Sarah’s Law” in the UK, which is similar in concept, if not execution, to Megan’s law in the US.

Sarah’s law will allow parents to know about men in the area and if they are linked to paedophilia or the like. It is based, loosely, on the demands of Sarah Payne’s mother, who campaigned for a change in the law (with the tabloids).

Sara Payne, Sarah’s mother pushed for the changes in the law after brutal assault and murder of her daughter.

While its not everything the tabloids hoped for, its certainly more than the government intended 6 years ago, when they outright rejected calls for the law. But the press is a powerful animal and after years of pressure, the government have now conceeded.


Full Article on the new site

And so it begins… | Where is My Data?.


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