Fingerprints For Council Workers | Where is My Data?

Westminster County Council has requested that staff provide fingerprints, for the purposes of tracking their staff ‘clocking on and off’.

The use of fingerprints by the council can be seen as a modern solution of the age old problem of monitoring staff arriving and leaving work.

With the traditional punch cards anyone could have logged in and out, the same could be said with passwords or identity tokens, which can be passed between people. Fingerprints are unique and cannot (allegedly) be transferred between people.
While the government and councillor alike insist there is nothing wrong with fingerprinting staff, they also stated that DNA would only be taken from the guilty, that ANPR would be targeted at terrorists, and that surveillance powers would only be used against criminals, and that our data would be secure. It should also be noted that the fingerprint reading technology can be defeated

Full Article on the new site –

Fingerprints For Council Workers | Where is My Data?.


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