How to defeat fingerprint scanners

With fingerprint scanners increasingly in use, from schools to offices, to passports and border controls. How good are these things?

Do they really work?

Well, if these videos are anything to go by, the answers are “not very” and “no”

How to defeat fingerprint readers (full video on creating false fingerprints)


One Response to “How to defeat fingerprint scanners”

  1. samara09 Says:

    Fingerprint Scanners at workplaces is now a wide spread concept, as it identifies a person from the root traits. Competition among companies is increasing, and hence employees are required to be more managed and constructive. So all of their reporting should be at the tip of the fingers. Fingerprint scanners for time and attendance management is an effective way for keeping employee records without any constrains. I am a representative of an established research based biometric firm named M2SYS Technology based in Atlanta Georgia. We have provided our Fingerprint Scanners to numerous organizations like Employee management and Time and attendance across various countries, who are now making a very fast and reliable staff record service through integrating our secured fingerprint identification system in their software. Our Bio-time clock is another step ahead in this regard. We understand the natural privacy concern associated with fingerprint software. It is important to understand that our fingerprint software does not store a physical copy of the image, and without the image nothing can be done with the stored data. There are no chances of spoofing as well. This is not what causes possibly privacy or civil liberty concerns. Fingerprint scanning is simply an effective method of identifying a person.

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