Its all there to protect us…honest | Where is My Data?

The surveillance industry, the CCTV, the UAVs, the ANPR network, the DNA databases, et al, is, apparently, all here for our benefit, to protect us from the menace of terrorism.

If we follow this line of argument we must believe that the threat to the country from terrorism is both massive and likely; there could be no other justification.

Why else would the UK government spend so much on the security services and invading other countries? It is all about defending and protecting us in the long term. Isn’t it?

But, what if there was another completely different risk far more deadly than terrorism, and equally likely, surely the government would target that with equal determination?

According to the cabinet office’s own National Risk Register (Page 5) the greatest threat to the UK is the flu, or to be more precise, an Influenza Pandemic.

This is a fair assessment, as the 1918 pandemic killed over 50 million people – or to give it a sense of scale about 25,000 time more than in the 9/11 attacks.

Full Article on the new site:  Its all there to protect us…honest | Where is My Data?.


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