Examples of misuse of medical records | Where is My Data?

  • The medical records of a68-year-old man showed he was homosexual. These were leaked to social services, and as such was refused a place in a care home. Source
  • A sales representative employed by a drugs company was given access to confidential National Health Service patient records to identify those who could be given an expensive new drug to treat cholesterol. Source  – MP Paul Flyn
  • Police gain access to medical records, Source
  • Medical Records, with full details including names and addresses passed to researchers. Which resulted in patients receiving intrusive phone calls from researchers. Source
  • A man who was working on a financial audit for the local health authority found that his niece had had an abortion, when he accessed her medical records. His niece had not told her parents about the abortion, so the uncle told them as they were very religious. Source
  • An MP was sent the medical records of a constituent , without the constituent’s consent (this is directly against the NHS own guidance). Source
  • Farrah Fawcetts medical records leaked to the press. Source
  • Britney Spears Medical Records accessed. Source
  • Patients data shared with council – Source
  • Medical Records to be shared with private companies – source

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