Echelon: European Parliment Report

ECHELON, has long been talked about by individuals claiming to know things we don’t know about.

However, in 1999 the BBC reported on its existing, suddenly giving the “black helicopter” type sites credibility.

What is not widely reported is that in July 2001 the European Parliament produced a detailed report into the investigation of  Global Interception of Communications.

The report  clearly states that ECHELON does exist and is fully working. In one of its opening paragraphs (page 11 of 194) the report states that:

the existence of a global system for intercepting communications, operating by means of cooperation proportionate to their capabilities among the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand under the UK/USA Agreement, is no longer in doubt;”

It also states that:

“there can now be no doubt that the purpose of the system is to intercept, at the very least, private and commercial communications”

The 194 page report provides numerous documents proving the existence of ECHELON, from papers released by t he Naval Security Group Activity (NAVSECGRUACT), NASA, and the NSA, to comments made by the former head of the Italian Secret Service.

Full Report on the European Parliament Web site

Downloaded copy of report

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