TREC – Text REtrieval Conference

TREC, Text REtrieval Conference, e which now has 23 countries attending, was started in 1992 an has been co-sponsored NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology and the US DoD (Department of Defense) throughout.

TREC has the following aims:

  • to encourage research in information retrieval based on large test collections;
  • to increase communication among industry, academia, and government by creating an open forum for the exchange of research ideas;
  • to speed the transfer of technology from research labs into commercial products by demonstrating substantial improvements in retrieval methodologies on real-world problems; and
  • to increase the availability of appropriate evaluation techniques for use by industry and academia, including development of new evaluation techniques more applicable to current systems.

An example of some of the publications by TREC is:  Experiment and Evaluation in Information Retrieval



One Response to “TREC – Text REtrieval Conference”

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