LAPD Fingerprint Errors

Sadly fingerprint errors, are not limited to the UK.

It has now been reported that the Los Angeles Police Department have made several major errors relating to their finger print examination.

Its know that innocent people have been arrested based on “shoddy work”, by the finger print analyst.  The exact number of arrest has not been released yet, but at two people where charged before the errors were found.

So far one fingerprint expert has been fired, and three suspended as a result of the errors.

Now the LAPD are trying to show that the mistakes are very limited, and perhaps the most obviously bad errors are limited, but what about the ones that harder to spot, that are just “human error” rather than incredibly bad police work?

With the LAPD and Scottish fingerprint analysts making such massive errors that innocent people were arrested and even sent to prison, is it conceivable that two fingerprint departments, with no relation to each other, and 12,000 miles apart, are the only two departments in the world with these issues? Or is it more likely that every department in between has had some error, but it has just not been detected?



One Response to “LAPD Fingerprint Errors”

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    […] LAPD have also had internal issues with fingerprints and errors, who else […]

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