IWF U-Turn

Following the farce of the Internet Watch Foundation banning a page on Wikipedia, and then standing by its decision, it has now changed its mind.

Though the decision not to ban the image only applies to the image being held abroad, and possibly not in the UK. The IWF says “Any further reported instances of this image which are hosted in the UK will be assessed in line with IWF procedures.”

While nobody (sane) wants to allow access to child abuse images, the question of IWF, and by proxy CleanFeed, making blanket decisions about how can access what, from child abuse to racist content, and possibly in the future D-Notices, is somewhat concerning.

What else have they banned that we do not know about? How many sites about political issues are we, in the UK censored from? Perhaps its not many now, but do we want to have a system in place that could, at any point, stop access to information about elections or taxation?


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