Data Theft: By China?

The US Congress has warned that US defence documentation, from contractors, have been stolen, by the Chinese.

This is a pretty big claim to make, but one that they have backed up over the years and they have not been subtle in the claim. The report available here, and down loaded here, makes several interesting claims including:

Page 162:“U.S. computer security authorities detected a series of cyber intrusions in 2002 into unclassified U.S. military, government, and government contractor Web sites and computer systems. This large-scale operation, code named Titan Rain by the U.S. government, was attributed to China.”

Page 164:“China has an active cyber espionage program” and “Many individuals are being trained in cyber operations at Chinese military academies”

Page 166: China’s strategists believe the United States is dependent on information technology and that this dependency constitutes an exploitable weakness”

Information warfare, coming to a cinema near you?


2 Responses to “Data Theft: By China?”

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