Technology Misuse: GPS Tracking for all cars

The government is talking about speed limiting cars.

This concept may sound an like an acceptable way to reduce road related accidents (depending on your view of the “Speed Kills” campaign).

But far more alarming than limiting the speed of the car, is the method in which the government want to apply this technology. Rather than having sensors in the road, or on signs, telling the cars how fast they can go, or just fitting maximum speed limiter on the cars, the government wants to track cars by GPS so that it can limit their speed by monitoring the which roads they are on.

That should be said again, as it is such an astounding proposition. They, the UK government, are considering putting GPS trackers on all cars.

The government already tracks our movements through ANPR, CCTV, mobile phones, and can eavesdrop on our conversations. The UK government, despite strong opposition, are rolling out the national ID cards, introducing electronic number plates and even giving the police access to our medical records.

But this monitoring is not enough so the government is now looking at additional monitoring, GPS tracking for cars. While this may start out as a voluntary concept, its easy to see how this can be legislated for, by simply adding it to the MoT requirement, meaning that in the future every car could be fitted with a GPS tracker.

All of this monitoring is not theoretical, its here and its happening now, and breaches of data are occurring all of the time.

When is it too much? When are we monitored, tracked, and followed just too much for it to be comfortable?


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