Expert Witness: Perjury (UK)

On March 6th 2008 a computer forensics expert, Jim Bates was found guilty of four counts of making a false written witness statement.

Jim Bates, a well known computer forensics expert had been claiming he had a degree in electronic engineering for many years, as part of his professional CV, when he did not.

In the same case he was also convicted of one count of perjury.

Most of the cases Jim Bates has worked on relate to criminal cases, where he was providing an expert witness reports relating to cases such as child pornography; mainly for the defense.

This case, is very similar to one in the US where another expert lied about his qualifications.

Judge Hammond, who presided over the Jime Bate cases stated that “I am quite sure that his career as an expert witness has now finished.”

However, according to Private Eye Jim Bates has again been working on criminal cases, working for the defence.


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