Data Theft: More Statistics

More statistics have been published, showing how common data theft it.

Thia report, published in 2008 shows that 88% of IT staff would consider stealing data.

This report matches, very closely with the another survey reported in the BBC in 2004, when it was reported that 70% of people would consider steal data (perhaps the IT people feel more capable of taking the data compared to the rest of the employees.).

This, once again, raises the issue of not what is lost but what has been stolen?

The data theft statistics speak for themselves, there is a lot of it and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

So for every government data “loss”, you can bet your personal details, that some have been stolen.

What makes this worse is that the data loss can be stopped, relatively easily, and there are methods of reducing data theft risks within a company, none of which the government appears to follow.


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