Data Loss Examples in 2008

2008 is the the year the public began to really hear about data loss; with numerous example of data loss throughout the year, and reports into data loss.

The reports where pretty damning, and the scale of data loss was staggering, 100,000s of records lost regularly and the HMRC losing data at around 10 items a day.

Despite the huge amount of data lost in the UK, and reports from data loss elsewhere in the world, the UK government did not manage to effectively introduce policies to prevent it.

Data Loss Examples in 2008:

Government Agencies

NHS: The NHS lost a lot of data in 2008, with a selection of examples below:

HMRC: A report by Kieran Poynter into the loss of 25 million records in 2007 by the HMRC  states that “serious institutional deficiencies” and states that there losses were “entirely avoidable”

Since the “big one” of 2007, when 25 million record were lost, and on the back of the report by Kieran Pynter report (above) the data loss rate for the HMRC increased in 2008, not decreased.

MoJ and Home Office

Foreign Office

FCO admits losing 10,000s of records.

MoD: The MoD lost almost as much data as the NHS, with a sample of the data loss highlighted below.

DWP: The Department for Work and Pensions lose USB Drive

Individuals within the government: A couple of high profile individuals lost data as well as all of the departments listed above.

Hazel Blears lost her laptop, which was un-encrypted, and “Critical Terror Files”, where left on a train

Private Companies

HSBC: HSBC did not have a good year for data loss either:

Virgin: Virgin Media were censored by the ICO following their data loss


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