Why do I get junk mail at my new home?

Ever wondered why you get junk mail at your new home?  You have just moved in, you have not bought anything, not even ordered a pizza there, but you get junk mail addressed to you. How do they know its you?

The answer is as simple as it is sad.

Its because your local council sells your details to junk mail (direct marketing) companies. In fact selling the electoral role is a pretty steady income for most councils.

Currently the Ministry of Justice are in discussion about banning this practice, but the MoJ have stated that they will look at the overall effect of just a ban “not just on the individual but the economy as a whole”.

Which makes the ban unlikely.

The junk mail industry has never reacted positively to such a suggestion, stating, amazingly, that such an action would not be “environmentally friendly”!

Its nice to know that the MoJ have our data nicely protected, after they have lost so much of it.


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